Q: What size should I order?

A: Our underwear tends to run a bit large. If you're between sizes, we recommend going for a size down. Don't worry, though! If you're still unsure, you can order with confidence because we offer the Feminafits Perfect Fit Guarantee. If the size you order doesn't fit, we'll happily exchange it for the correct size at no extra cost!

Q: Do they wash easily? Will they stain?

A: Absolutely! Feminafits are designed to be both machine washable and dryer-friendly. You can toss them in the laundry without any worries, and they'll come out looking just as good as the day you got them.

Q: How much of the underwear is leakproof?

A: With Feminafits, we've got you covered, quite literally. Our underwear provides full coverage where it's needed most, ensuring that nothing slips through.

Q: Do they make any sounds when walking?

A: No way! You won't have to worry about any awkward sounds with Feminafits. They look and feel just like regular underwear, so you can walk around confidently without any distractions.

Q: How absorbent are they? Are they fully leakproof?

A: Feminafits are perfect for light to medium incontinence needs. They can hold up to 4 teaspoons of liquid without any leakage. Rest assured, they provide excellent protection, keeping you comfortable and confident throughout the day.

Q: Can you see these through your pants?

A: Not at all! Even if you could see Feminafits through your pants, they are designed to look and feel just like regular underwear. So, you can wear them discreetly, without any concerns about visibility.