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Introducing our "Harmony" shoes – a flawless fusion of style and comfort. Experience a substantial 3" (8CM) lift, making it an ideal choice to effortlessly elevate your casual look.

  1. Elevation with Elegance: Our shoes not only provide you with a significant height increase but do so with unparalleled style and grace.

  2. Ultimate Comfort, Enhanced Stature: Designed to seamlessly elevate your height, each pair ensures a comfortable fit, offering both stature and unmatched comfort.

  3. Durable Boost Technology: Precision-crafted, our height-enhancing insoles promise lasting elevation without compromising the shoe's durability or your comfort.

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    Experience an instant boost the moment you step into a pair of Properkicks – not just in height but also in confidence. We take pride in crafting the best height-increasing shoes on the market.